Transcend USB Flash Drive

Transcend USB Flash Drive

Transcend USB Flash Drive that we present is made to you in a variety of capacities, dimensions, etc. One of the models, Jet Flash 600 8GB comprises LED indicator, easy plug & play option, is highly compact and portable. One of the models Jet Flash 8GB Pen Drive is available in blue color and is well-known for its brilliant compatibility with hi-speed USB 2 and 3.

  • Transcend Jet Flash 370 4GB Pen Drive

    Price : Rs. 53/-

  • Transcend Jet Flash 370 8GB Pen Drive

    Price : Rs. 80/-

  • Transcend Jet Flash 600 8GB Pen Drive

    Price : Rs. 147/-

  • Transcend Jet Flash 600 16GB Pen Drive

    Price : Rs. 254/-

  • Transcend Jet Flash 760 8GB Pen Drive

    Price : Rs. 174/-

  • Transcend Jet Flash 760 16GB Pen Drive

    Price : Rs. 241/-